March 1, 2015

Rider - FTU Tut - Biker Bitch by Nicky's Inspired Creationz

I used PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work!

Awesome FTU kit by  Inzpired Creations named "Biker Bitch"- You can get the kit HERE

Fabulous art by Zlata available for purchase HERE

Eye Candy 4 - Bevel Boss

Mask is by WSL HERE

FTU Font Asuska Caps

Open new image 650 by 650, c/p tube of choice onto your canvas. Take El Halftone 1 resize to 95 c/p and place behind tube.
Take Frame 2 resize to 80 Free Rotate 15 left c/p and place behind tube. Magic Wand click inside frame expand by 4 c/p Paper 13, selections invert delete. El City Scene resize to 80 c/p and place over your frame. El Winged Heart c/p and place towards middle in front of city scene El Crates resize to 60 c/p and place to the far right behind motorcycle. El Lips 2 resize to 45 free rotate 15 left c/p and place towards middle behind bike. El Bracelet 2 resize to 40 and place by El Lips, duplicate this layer flip horizontal and place right next to first bracelet layer. El Charm resize to 40 Enhance Edges c/p and place to the far Left behind Bracelt, duplicat this layer flip horizontal andplace to the far right behind crates. El Sign resize to 30 flip horizontal and place at the bottom towards middle behind tube. El Bullet Holes resize to 50 c/p and place to the top left by Frame. El Scattered Rings resize to 45 c/p an place to the top right behind City Scene, duplicate this layer and place to the bottom left by Bike. 
Add your drop shadows. Merge your tag and add mask.
Duplicate your tag, Gaussian Blur 3.0 Properties Hardlight lower opacity to 57, Merge Again.
o to Photo Effect - Black and White Film- Brightness 16 Clarify 62
Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance
On Name I used Eye Candy 4 - Bevel Boss with these settings
16.0, 50, 75, 0
Add Copywrite and License info
Save as PNG!
Thanks for looking!  
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