November 9, 2014

Thankful - CT PTU Tut - We Give Thanks by Karra's Kreative Korner

I used PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work!

Beautiful scrapkit by Karra's Kreative Korner "We Give Thanks" . Visit her HERE

Beautiful tube by Keith Garvey. You need a license to use his work and you can get both HERE

Mask by Dee - HERE


Toadies - Mosiac Plus
Xero Radiance (optional)

Window Template made by me!

Remember your drop shadows!


Open new image 700 x 700, c/p tube of choice onto the center of your canvas. Take Window Template included in this tut c/p and place behind tube, magic wand click inside each frame c/p paper of choice, Selections Invert Delete. KEEP SELECTED. Take El Mesh, I am going to use it as a curtain Free Rotate 10 Left. C/P to the left of the frame HIT DELETE! DESELECT! ... Duplicate this layer Flip horizontal  to the other side.  I duplicated the mesh layers twice on each side to make them stand out more. El Lace resize to 90 c/p and place to the top inside of the window template. Back to the Paper, Effects Toadies Plain Mosiac Blur 2 .. EL Clock resize to 20 c/p and place to the background to the right.
El Basket resize to 40 c/p and place to the left in front of your tube. El Cornucopia resize to 40 c/p and place to the left behind tube. El Flower 6 resize to 50 c/p and place to the far left of the frame El Leaves 1 resize to 50 c/p and place to the far left behind flower. I merged down the Cornucopia, Flower and Leaves, Duplicated this layer Flip Horizontal and place to the right side of Frame. El Table resize to 90 /p and place to the back behind tube and elements. El Turkey resize to 30 c/p and on top of table to the right. El Teapot resize to 30 c/p and place to thr right on top of table. Repeat the above steps for El Mash potatoes. El pinecones resize to 20 c/p and place to far left, duplicatelayer  flip horizontal and place to far right. El Candles resize to 20 c/p and place on table to the left. Ribbon 3 resize to 80 c/p and place to back in the bottom behind tube. El Plant resize to 40 c/p to the right duplicate this layer and place to the left. El bird resize to 20 c/p and place to the bottom wherever u may like. El Football resize to 30 c/p and place to the bottom. If your happy with your tag great. On your tube layer. Duplicate, Gaussian Blur 6.0 Properties Hardlight Opacity 60.
Merge Visible. Add your mask of choice I used Paper 6.

Merge Visible again. Add your name Copy Write and License info
Save as PNG

Thanks for looking!

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