February 15, 2015

Hint of Spring - CT PTU Tut - Cindi's Lilac Dream by Jackie's Jewels

I used PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work!

I got to lay with a stunningly beautiful kit "Cindi's Lilac Dream" by Jackie's Jewels!

Beautiful Art by Keith Garvey

Xero Radiance
Photo Effects

Mask is by me but any other will work!

Right Click and Save as JPEG

Font is one of my favs
FTU Sverige

Here We Go!
Open New Image 700 x700. C/P tube of choice onto center of  canvas.  El 1 Frame resize to 95 C/P and place behind tube, add a touch of Radiance. On Frame, Magic Wand, Selections and Expand by 5, take Paper 3, resize to 70 then Flip Horizontal c/p and place behind frame, Selections-Invert-Delete. Still working with frame, El 28 C/P and place to the top left of frame. Same El 28 C/P and place behind top left of Frame. Duplicte this layer, flip horizontal and move lower. El 30 resize to 60, place to the top left, duplicate this layer two times and place them as you wish or like i did (see tag for reference) El 39 Lace resize to 60, c/p and place behind elements, duplicate and move that layer to the bottom
Elements 48 and 7 resize to 50 c/p intertwine them with the elements behind frame. Merge down all elements BEHIND frame. Duplicate, Flip Horizontal and place this layer to the right, add drop shadows.  For the Top behind frame I used El 28 and El 33, merge down these layers and add drop shadow. . El 50 resize to 50 c/p and place to the far right behind tube, El 82 c/p and place in front of El 50. El 66 Mesh, resize to 50 c/p and place to the bottom right  in front of tube. El 62 Stop Watch resize to 40 c/p and place by El 66 Mesh.  El 83 Flower resize to 20 c/p and place by El 62, duplicate this layer twice and scatter them at the bottom 
El 79 Ribbon resize to 80 c/p and place to the bottom. El 58 resize to 50 c/p and place to the bottom. El 6, 30, 67 and 84 resize to 50 and place to the bottom. El 22 resize to 80 c/p and place to the left side of frame. El 15 Butterfly Scatter c/p and place to the right side of Frame El 47 Bird resize to 40 c/p and place to the bottom.  For the top left of Frame I added EL 44 and 47 resized to 40 and El 56 resized to 60. Add drop shadow on tube. If you are happy with your tag Merge Visible. 
Go to Photo Effects
Film & Filters
Filter Color: #c2b9cb
Densityh 20 or whatrever you are happy with!
Add your License, Name and Copywrite!
Save as PNG
Thanks for looking!
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