September 20, 2015

Season of the Witch - CT PTU Tut - Spider Queen by Drea's Creations

I am using PSP X6 but any other version will work!

I am using an Exclusive kit "Spider Queen". This beautiful and fun kit is available EXCLUSIVELY at the Xerac Store . You can get it HERE

Awesome tube by VM available HERE

Mask is #112 by Trese HERE

FTU Font Parseltongue

DSB Flux Bright Noise for Name
Aged Newspaper

Here we go!

Open image 700 x 700, resize tube to 50 c/p onto canvas. EL 77 Frame resize by 80 c/p and place behind tube. Close off tube layer for now! El 55 Background resize by 80 c/p and place towards left side behind frame, duplicate, flip horizontal and lace towards right side behind frame. Magic Wand click inside frame, selections, modify, expand by 6, Take Paper 3 resize by 60  c/p and place behind Frame, selections, invert, delete, selections none.  El 39 Tree resize by 60 c/p and place towards middle right inside Frame. El 42 Grass resize by 60 c/p and place towards bottom of tree. El 56 Cobblestone ground resize by 60 c/p and place underneath Tree and Grass, erase anything showing outside your Frame. El 38 Mausoleum resize by 40 flip horizontal and place behind your Tree, then go to Effects: Artistic - Aged Newspaper - Aged amount 25. Go Back to Tree layer duplicate flip horizontal and place to the far left.  El 40 Bush resize by 20 c/p and place to far left behind Tree layer. El 58 Yellow Moon resize by 20 c/p and place to the right behind Mausoleum. El 71 Misty Swirl resize by 70 c/p inside your Frame. Open up your tube layer now move your tube slightly more to the left. El 80 Leaves resize by 80 c/p and place to the bottom of your tube. EL 18 Skull resize by 30, flip horizontal and place towards bottom left behind tube. El 2 resize by 30 c/p and place by bottom of tube. El 50 Green Rose resize by 15 c/p and place to the left by book. El 6 Mandrake Root resize by 25 c/p and place on top of Skull. El 23 Crown and EL 52 Pumpkin resize by 25 c/p  to the bottom right. Go back to El 50, duplicate 3 times and scattter at the bottom. El 51 Black Rose resize by 10 c/p and place towards bottom left in front of Leaves, duplicate twice and  scatter to two layers across, El 49 Black Leaves resize by 30, cp and place to far right, duplicate layer and place to far left. zEl 69 Web, Enhance Edges, free roate Left 25. c/p and place inside frame and erase any part of the web showing outside frame. Duplicate Web then Merge Down. El 66 Spider, enhances Edges c/p and place over Web, then take your eraser tool and erase as much of the line as you can. Last go back to El 40 Bush, this time resize tby 50 c/p and place one to far left in front of Frame, duplicate and place to far right. Add your drop shadows. Merge your tag!. Duplicate tag, go to Properties: Soft Light and lower Opacity as you like I did mine to 69. Add your License, CR and Name
Merge Visible, save as PNG!

Thanks for looking!

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