February 3, 2016

"Broken Heart" - New Release by Arthur Crowe - Matching kit by KCreations - Kit Promo Team


**Matching kit by KCreations!**


Mask is by me #24 HERE

FTU FONT Candlescript Demo

No outside Filters used

Here we go!

Open new image 700 x 700, resize tube by 60  flip horizontal c/p onto canvas. Resize Frame 3 by 75 c/p behind tube. El Gift Bow resize by 75 c/p place directly underneath tube and also Flip Horizontal. El Candy 2 resize by 25 c/p and place to the bottom by tube. El Perfume resize by 25 place to the left by Candy. El White Rose 1 reseize by 25 c/p  and place to bottom fat left, duplicate flip horizontal and place to bottom far right. El Black Rose resize by 15 c/p and place by White Rose to the left, duplicate flip horizontal and place by White Rose to the right. El Red Rose 1 follow same steps as wit Black Rose. El Heart 1 resize by 35 free rotate 10 left c/p and place towards left side of Frame behind White Rose. El Lips resize by 25 free rotate right 10 c/p and place behind White Rose to the right. El Love resize by 35 c/p and place to the top middle of Frame behind tube.
Magic Wand, Click inside frame and resize Paper 2, by 60 c/p onto Frame,  flip horizontal, now I want the Heart to show as much as possible so move your paper so that much of the hear is showing., Selections invert delete. C/P close up of tube, hit delete deselect. Duplicate close up tube, properties - dodge. I used El Splatter to decorate around Frame. Add your drop shadows. Merge your tag, duplicate gaussian blur 6.0 properties Soft light and lower opacity I did mine to 60. Add your Mask I used paper 5 for mine. Mask 24. Merge your tag. Add your name, CR and license info
 Save as PNG
Thanks for looking!

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