March 7, 2015

Love Always Hopes - PTU Tut - L'Amour De Ma Vie - Jackie's Jewels

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work

Scrapkit is a gorgeous new one by Jackie's Jewels named L'Amour De Ma Vie
Visit her HERE

Beautiful Art by Verymany HERE

Mask is by Trese #0113 HERE

FTU Font Brickham Script

Photo Effects - Film and Filters

Don't Forget your Drop Shadows


Open New Image 700 x 700, C/P tube of choice onto your canvas. Duplicate tube, on copy guassian blur 3.0 properties softlight lower opacity as desired. 
El 18 and 41 c/p and place underneath your tube, add your drop shadows.
EL 8 Leaves resize to 90, c.p and place behind your tube slightly to the left. Go back to this layer Flip Vertical Free Rotate 50 RIGHT, c/p and place above behind tube, merge down these two layers, Go to 
EFFECTS - PHOTO EFFECTS - Film and Filters
Vibriant Foliage -  Filter Color #e0c6aa - Density 10. El 1 Flower Wreath resize to 75 c/p and place towards back of frame peeking threw the leaves, add same Photo effects as above. Magic Wand click inside Wreath, take Paper 12 resize to 60 c/p and place inside frame, selections invert delete. Add Photo Effects as above.
 El 20 Paper Butterfly resize to 60 Enhance Edges, c/p and place to the right hand side of frame El. Do the same with Elements 64 Lights, c/p and place over El 20. El 30 Flower resize to 60 c/p and place to the right side behind tube, Add Photo Effects as above. Go back to El 60 Free Rotate 15 right, c/p and place to the far left behind frame. El 7 Tulip Resize to 25 c/p and place over El Lights ad drop shadow. El 9 Rose resize to 20 cp and place slight underneath El paper Butterfly, add drop shadow. I duplicate this layer twice and scattered it around Frame. Finishing touches for  behind the frame, to cover those empty spaces. Frame. Take El 41 Doily resize larger to 130 Enhance Edges, c/p and place behind frame.  El 49 Scatter resize to 80 c/p and place to the left behind  Frame, duplicate this layer and place to the right. El 36 Leave pattern resize to 80 c/p and place to the right, duplicate flip vertical merge down. Duplicate this layer and flip horizontal and place to the left.  El 10, 47 and 60 resize accordingly and place to the bottom by tube.
If you are happy with your tag great. Merge, duplicate tag on copy properties softlight opacity 57.
Add your Name, Copy write and License
Save as PNG
thanks for looking!
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