March 7, 2015

Shamrock - FTU Tut - 50 Shades of Shamrock - Tasha's Playground

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag!

FTU Kit "50 Shades of Shamrock" - Beautiful FTU kit by Tasha's Playground. The kit is part of the Creative Crazy Scraps Blog Train so make sure to check out all the other goodies!

Mask is by Vix - HERE

Xero Radiance
DSB Flux - Bright Noise
VM Distortion - Kaleidoscope

FTU Velvender Cooler

Open new image 700 by 700, c/p tube of choice onto canvas. Take Frame 5 resize to 110 c/p and place behind tube. Add Xero Radiance with these setting:
255, 255 , 216, 164
Take Frame 1 c/p and place behind Frame 5 and add same Xero - Radiance settings as above BUT twice!
. Take Frame 3 resize to 110 c/p and between the other frames and move up. Duplicate this layer merge down, apply DSB Flux Bright Noice
Darker - 67. Duplicate again  layer and move a little towards bottom 
El Brooch, c/p and place behind frame, I duplicated this layer a few times and scattered them behind Frame 3. 
For inside the Frame:
El Grass c/p and place inside Frame. El Bridge resize to 50 c/p and place on Grass. El Rainbow resie to 80 c/p and place inside frame, duplicate this layer, merge down, erase anything showing outside frame. You are done!
El Flower 1 resize to 60 c/p and place behind your tube to the right, duplicate this layer and scatter them as you wish or see my tag for reference. El Shamrock 1, c/p and place to the bottom right behind tube. El Coins, resize to 30, c/p and place by the tube's  legs, Again duplicate three times this layer and scatter them at the bottom. Go to Effects, Edge Effects and Enhance each of the coins layer. Add your drop shadows. El Tag resize to 40 c.p and place to the left behind tube. Elements Lights, Bow and Charm resize all to 40  c/p and place to the top, slightly to the left of Frame and Enhance Edges on Lights and Charm
El Rings resize to 40 Enhance Edges and place by coins. El Deco 1 resize to 40 and scatter them around your tag. Go to your main tube layer add your drop shadow,  Duplicate, Gaussian Blur 3.0. Go to Properties - Hard Light and lower Opacity as you wish i did mine to 71. Merge your tag. Add your Mask, duplicate mask merge down. Effects VM Distortion Kaledoscope
Merge Visible. 
Add your Name License and Copy write\Save as PNG!

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