October 2, 2015

Witches Brew - CT PTU Tut - Pink Paradox Productions

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag

Scrapkit is called Witching hour by Pink Paradox Productions! This Halloween fun kit has 160 Elements 15 gorgeous Frames and 20 Papers. Everything needed to create those scary tags! It is now on sale
at her store!

I am using the gorgeous work of Amberly Berendson available HERE

I am using 2 Masks. 
Wee Scott Lass #117 HERE
Moonbeams and Spiderwebs # 50 HERE

FTU Font Nightmare

No outside filters used


Open new image 700 by 700, c/p tube of choice onto canvas. El 39 Jack-o-Lantern resize by 35 c/p and place right underneath tube. . El 64 Books resize by 25 c/p and place towards left by tube. el 56 Mummy Powder resize by 20 c/p and place by books.El 54 Jar resize by 20 c/p and place by El 56. El 121 Orange Flower resize by 15 c/p and place between Books and Powder. El 122 Yellow flower follow sames steps as with El 121 Orange Flower c/p and place to the right side of Powder. El 52 Bottle resize by 20 c/p and to the right behind Powder. El 95 Cauldron resize by 50 c/p and place to far left behind tube layer then Enhance Edges. . El 27 Bat resize by 50 c/p and place to middle  left behind tube Enhance Edges. . El 11 Ghost resize by 30 c/p and place towards right behind tube layer. El 129 Shroom resize by 40 c/p and place to the right a little above behind Jack o Lantern, duplicate and bring that layer down to the bottom right in behind Ghost. Duplicate again, flip horizontal and place to the left behind Cauldron. El 149 Barren Tree resize by 60 fip horizontal c/p and place the back slightly towards left. El 158 Decor resize by 40 c/p and sort of drape it to the top of Tree, enhance edges. El 163 Clouds resize by 50 c/p and place to the middle behind Tree Layer. El 101 House resize by 50 c/p and place towards back behind Tree Layer but in front of Cloud Layer. Add your drop shadows. Merge Visible. I am using 2 Masks. First one is by MoonBeams and SPiderswebs #50 using Paper 128, then I duplicated Maks Merge DOWN. Second mask layer  I made with Wee Scott Lass mask # 117 and Paper # 60. 
Merge Visible, duplicate then Guassian Blur on copy 6.0. Properties Overlay the lower opacity to 40.
For the name I used Paper 27, Add a drop shadow, enhance edges then I duplicate name layer. On copy I added  DSB Flux - Bright Noise, then back to Properties Screen. Merge Down name layers. Selections All, Modify Expand by 2 then new layer. I chose the green from the tubes outfit, and flood fill. Add a bevel, Bright noise. Merge Down and u r done!
Add Copy Write and License info and you are done!
Thanks for looking!

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