September 13, 2014

For the love of Autumn - CT PTU TUT - A Day of Harvest - Jackie's Jewels

I used PSP X 4 to create this tag but any other version will work

I am using a beautiful scrap kit by Jackie's Jewels named A Day of Harvest
Visit her HERE

Alos using the gorgeous work of Vika Mistecheskaya. This is an EXCLUSIVE tube and it is available at PFD
Template is by ME!
Mask is a beautiful Fall one by Dee available HERE
Font is FTU Sevrige
Open New Image 700 by 700
C/P your tube of choice onto the center of your canvas
Go to your Color Palette
I am using color #fddc83
Take your Preset Tool - Eclipse and draw out the shape
Convert to Raster and name it Yellow Oval
Draw another Eclipse this time a bit larger
using color #cb4517 and name is Orange Oval
Now on your color palette change the color back to #fddc83 
Go to Selections All - Float- De float -  NEW LAYER
Selections Border size 3
Effects - DSB Flux - Bright Noise - Darker 62
You have created your own little template :D
On the Orange Oval Layer 
Selections All - Float De Float
Selections Invert Delete
Selection Non
On the Yellow Oval
Selections All - Float  - De Float
Take PAPER 5, resize to 60
C/P onto that layer
Still working with this layer
Take a closeup of your tube
C/P and place as you like
Duplicate your Tube Layer
On your copy 
Adjust - Blue - Gaussian Blur 6
Properties SCREEN
On your original TUBE layer
Properties Luminance
Lower Opacity to 69
You can start adding the elements!
Frame 5 - C/P behind your template to the left
DUPLICATE this layer 
Merge Down
Duplicate this layer again
Flip Horizontal and place to the right
Duplicate again
On your copy go to 
Photo Effects - Black and White Filters
Click OK
Go to Properties Overlay
This will give leaves frame a darker color with shadows :D
Branch 1 Resize to 70
Rotate Left
C/P and place behind the frame 5
I duplicated this layer several times and place in different areas to behind Frame
Repeat the above steps for PineCone 1 Element
(see tag for reference)
Element Chicken Wire - Resize to 60
C/P and place behind your frame to the left
Duplicate this layer and place to the right
Element Hay - Resize to 50
C/P to the right behind your tube
Element Mushrooms 1 - Resize to 40
C/P and place to the left next to Pinecones
Element Pumpkins - Resize to 60
C/P and place to the bottom center
And of course I love Animals so I am putting in there the cute little squirrel :D
Element Mask...This is a gorgeous element and I am so using
Resize to about 70
C/P and place to the top left behind your frame and elements
Duplicate this layer
Merge Down
Duplicate again Flip hortizontal and place to the bottom Right right underneath the tube
Duplicate your MAIN tube Layer
Gaussian Blur 6
Properties Overlay
Opacity to 79
Merge Visible Crop if needed
Add Name and CR information
Your Done!!
Thank You for trying my tut!
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