September 20, 2014

Midnight Hour - CT PTU Tut - Spellbound by Jackie's Jewels

I used PSP X6 to create my tag but any other version will do!

Scrapkit is by Jackie's Jewels named "Spellbound"
The beautiful kit is filled with 115 elements and 15 hauntingly beautiful papers!
Visit her HERE

Tube is by the fabulous Arthur Crowe. You need a license to use his art and you can get both HERE

Mask is by Wee Scott Lass
Mask # 3 - HERE

FTU Font Mephisto

Xero Porcelain and Radiance


Remember your Drop Shadows!

Open New Image 700 x 700

C/P your tube of choice onto canvas

EL 19 resize to 80, C/P to the bottom
EL 13 resize to 70, C/P up to the left
EL 31, resize to 30, C/P and place on the door
EL 82 resize to 70, C/P to the bottom right behind EL 19
Duplicate this layer twice, and scatter the layers as shown on the tag
EL 116, C/P behind EL 82
EL 92, resize to 70, C/P behind EL 82
EL 94, resize to 80, C/P be the Door to the right
El 98 , 99 and 101, resize as small as you like, C/P and scatter them around the grass
EL 81 resize to 50 C/P and place to the bottom left by Door
Duplicate this layer and drape it over one of the Tombstones
EL 70 and 110 resize to 30 C/P and place to bottom left 
EL 66 resize to 30, C/P and place by pumpkins
Duplicate this layer and place to the other side of pumpkins
EL 106  resize to 50, C/P and place to the bottom by your tube
EL 43 resize to 80, C/P and place on top of  EL 106
EL 78 resize to 80 C/P and place by the Door 
EL 49, C/P and place towards back to the right
El 8 resize to 50 C/P and place down to the left o of your tube
EL 9 resize to 30, C/P and place to the bottom by tube

Close off your tube

Merge Visible 

Open tube layer
Duplicate - Adjust - Gaussian Blur 6
Properties Hardlight - Opacity 70

Go to your Merged Tag layer
Effects - Zero Porcelain
You can play around with the settings till you get it where you like
I also gave it a touch of Radiance

If your happy with your tag great!
Add your mask, I used Paper 3.
Merge Visible, Crop if needed, Add your name, license and copy write!

Save as PNG!
Thanks for looking!

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