December 7, 2014

Winter frost - CT PTU Tut - Frostfell by Drea's Creations

I used PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work!

I am using a beautiful scrap kit by Drea's Creations named FrostFell

Fabulous tube by Elias. You need a license to use his art and you can get both HERE

FTU Font Spharty Girl

Photo Effects - Film and Filters

Don't forget your drop shadows!
Here We Go!
Open your image 700 x 700 C/P tube of choice onto the center of our canvas
DC-95 Circle Frame resize to 80 c/p and place behind your tube
Magic Wand click inside your frame. Selections - Modify - Expandy by 10
Take Paper 25 resize to 90 c/p and place inside Frame. Selections - Invert - Delete - Deselect
Go to Paper Layer. Selections - Float - Defloat
C/P your closeup tube. I am using 2 so this is optional. Selections Invert Delete.
Duplicate tube layer, on copy Gaussian Blur 6.0 on copy layer. Properties Screen. Go to original tube layer, Properties Luminance lower Opacity to 50. Go Back to Paper Layer, Duplicate and move this layer above Tube Layers lower Opacity to 40. Still working with the inside of your frame. DC-32 Trees resize to 80, I only want to use two of the trees, so I took my crop tool to cut out the other two trees. C/P and place to the left of the frame. duplicate this layer flip horizontal and place to the right.  DC-3 Fence resize to 30 C/P and place behind Trees to the left duplicate this layer flip horizontal and place to the right. . DC-34 Snowman resize to 30 C/P and place towards middle a little above behind tube. . DC-88 snowflake scatter resize to 50 C/P and place to the right bottom of fence. DC-17 Winter Sign resize to 40 c/p  and place to far right behind tree. Now for the outside of the Frame. DC-106 Snowballs resize to 602 C/P and place to the right in front of tube 
. DC-65 Gift Box resize to 20 c/p and place to the bottom right. DC-7 Lantern resize to 30 c/p and place by Giftbox. DC-47 Rose resize to 10 resize and place towards bottom, duplicate this layer 3 times and scatter them as you may like to the bottom. dc-57 ornament resize to 20 c/p and place towards bottom by giftbox. Dc-37 Polar Bear resize to 40 c/p and place to far left. 
Throw some sparkles in there also!
Go back to tube layer
Go to Photo Effect - Film and Filters
Vivid Skin Tones - Filter Color #d86347
Density 20
If your happy with your tag great, merge visible
Add your Mask, I used Paper 12 for mine
Add your Name, icense and Copy Write info
Save as PNG

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