January 31, 2015

Blue for You - CT PTU - Lost In Love by Karra's Kreative Korner

Beautiful kit by Karra's Kreative Korner named 'Lost In Love"

Beautiful art by Barbara Jensen. You need alicense to use her work and you can get both  HERE

Mask by Rachel HERE

No Outside filters used

FTU Font Mardian Demo


Open new image 700 x 700
C/P tube of choice onto your canvas. C/P  Frame 1 behind tube, magic wand, click inside frame expand by 5. El Heart Frame resize larger to 110. C/P and place inside Frame 1 selections, Invert, Delete, Selections None. 
El Flower 3 resize to 3. make several layers and frame behind the Heart to the left (see tag for reference). Once your done merge down these layers, duplicate, flip horizontal and place to the right. 
El Flowers resize to 60 C/P and place on top left of frame, duplicate this layer, flip horizontal and place to the right. Back to Flowers El, Rotate left, C/P and place to the left of frame, flip horizontal and place to the right.  El Leaves resize to 50 and we will follow the same steps as with Flower 3. Go back to El Leaves Rotate Left. C/P and place towards top behind frame.  El Ribbon 1 resize to 60 Edge Effects-Enhance  and place as wish behind your frame. I duplicated this layer 3 times and scattered them around frame. El Pillow resize to 60 C/P and place to the bottom left by tube. El Petals resize to 60 C/P and place underneath Pillow and tube to the left, duplicate this layer flip horizontal and place to the right. El Candy, Flower 1 and Flower 2 resize to 20 c/p and place accordingly to the bottom left. Duplicate Flower 1 and 2 and place to the bottom right. El Gift resize to 30 c/p and place to the bottom by tube El Love Letter resize to 20, Enhance Edges c/p and place to the bottom left. El Lollipop 1 & 2 resize to 50 C/P and place to the right side of frame behind tube. I added the sparkles over the tube and the Sunburst inside the Frame. El Bubbles resize to 70 C/P and place behind tube, center. 
Go Back to main tube layer. Duplicate. On Copy Guassian Blur 3.0 Properties Hardlight lower opacity to 50. I added a shadow on my tube with these settings:
2, -11, 9.0, 5.0
Merge Tag
I duplicated my merged tag, on copy Guassian Blur 3.0 Properties Soft Light opacity 53. Add your mask. I used Paper 10 for mine and duplicated 2 times. 

Add your Name, License and Copy Write info
Merge and save as PNG
Crop if you need to!
Thanks for looking!!

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