January 24, 2015

Love Angel - CT PTU Tut - Kissing Kate

Lovely kit by Kissing Kate named Love Angel

Beautiful work of Verymany. You need a license to use her art and you can get that HERE

Mask by Rocked by Rachel

FTU Font 
One Starry Night

No Outside Filters used!


Open image 700x700
C/P tube of choice onto your canvas
Add your mask to the background. I used Paper 7 for mine, duplicated this layer 3 times and merged down move a little to the left. . Duplicate this layer Flip Horizontal, move towards right. Merged down these two layers.  
EL 16 Heart Frame Free Rotate 15 Left. C/P and place behind tube Enhance Edges. 
EL 68 Pink Rose, C/P and place behind your tube towards the bottom left in front of heart Frame. . Duplicate this layer, flip horizontal and place towards top right. El 64 Leaf resize to 60 place underneath Bottom Rose to the left.
El 66 Leaves resize to 40 C/P and place to the bottom left in front of tube. El 60 Rose resize to 20 c/p and place in front of leaves.
El 19 Heart Bow resize to 40 c/p and place to the bottom in front of tube. 
El 44 Violin c/p and place to the left side behind tube. EL 50 Butterfly resize to 20 c/p and place to the bottom by bow Duplicate this layer twice and scatter to the top left and right. Enhance Edges on these three layers. EL 23 Heart Lock resize to 10 c/p and place to the bottom by butterfly. 
El 57 Birdcage resize to 20 c/p and place to the bottom left. I added the heart scatter  towards th ebackground. Go back to main tube, duplicate. On copy Gaussian Blur 3.0, Properties screen Merge your tag.

Duplicate Tag, On Copy Guassian Blur 3.0 Properties Hard Light lower Opacity to 46

Add Name, License and Copy write
Crop if Needed
Save s PNG

Thanks for looking!

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