January 17, 2016

Bleed - FTU Tut - Bleeding Love by Candy Treats

I am using PSP X6 to create thistag

Using an FTU Kit by Candy Treats named Bleeding Love and you can get that HERE

Using the beautiful work of Anna Marine

Mask is by Rachel Set 3 #1 HERE

FTU Font Always Beside You

No outside filters used

Open new image 700 x 700, Take Frame 8 resize by 80, free rotate 20 left and  c/p onto canva, add drop shadow enahnce edges. . Take magic wand, click inside frame, selections expand by 5 c/p close up tube and position as you would like, selections invert delete. i did this again with close up tube, just positioned it a little different. Select your second close up tube layer, duplicate guassian blur on copy then go to properties screen. Select your first tube close uplayer go to properties_then overlay and lower opacity as you wish. El Black Paper resize by 80 cp and lace behind Frame. El Flower Frame c/p and place behind Paper layer toward top left.   Flower Frame 3 flrip horizontal and place towards bottom right behind Paper layer. El Gem resize by 50 c/p and place towards top left behind Frame. Going back to your Flower Frames, I used Papers 11 and 12 to fill in. El Black Leaf 2 resize by 60 left rotate 20 c/p and place on frame to the top left of frame. El Leaves 1 resize by 60 c/p and place to he top just behind Black Leaves, duplicate flip vertical and place just below under Black Leaves layer. El Glitter Spill c/p and place to the center in front of Paper layer.  El Ribbon resize by 60 free rotate 20 left c/p and place towards bottom underneath Frame. Last El Doodle, I c/p and placed towards the top right in the background, I duplicated the layer, flip horizontal and and moved that layer towards bottom right. Add your mask i used Paper 4 for mine. Merge your tag, duplicate gaussian blur 6.0 then properties overlay and lower opacity to 48

Add your name, CR and license info
Save your tag as PNG
Thanks for Looking!

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