January 10, 2016

Love You Madly - CT PTU Tut - Sweet on You - Drea's Creations

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work.

Using a beautifully made kit kit by Drea's Designs named Sweet On You

Using the fabulous work of Jose Cano. This tube is available at his store HERE

No Outisde filters used

FTU Font Niagara Solid

Do Not Forget Your Drop Shadows!


Open new image 700 x700, c/p tube of choice onto canvas. Take El 61 resize by 90 c/p and place behind tube. El 64 resize by 50 c/p and place towards top right behind tube. El 101 resize by 50 c/p and place towards bottom left behind tube, duplicate flip horizontal and place towards right. El 40 resize by 50 c/p and place right behind tube. . El 99 and 100 resize by 30 c/p and place to the bottom left. El 24 resize by 25 c/p and place by Wine Bottle. El 100 resize by 25 c/p and place by El 24. El 23 resize by 50 c/p and place towards middle left. El 30 resize by 40 c/p and place over El 23. El 33 resize by 25 c/p and place over El 30, add your drop shadow and then enhance edges. Take your eraser tool and erase the top part of the ring, you want to make it look like its entwined with the bow. El 80 resize by 70 c/p and place towards bottom. El 128 resize by 70 b/p and place towards left side of tube. El 49 resize by 40 c/p place to the bottom right. El 104 resize by 15, free rotate right 30 c/p and place by middle of tube towards right, add drop shadow and enhance edges. Duplicate this layer, flip horizontal and place that layer by Wine Bottle.  Last El 134 sparkles resized by 60 and El 77, i used as mu mask duplicated twice.  Add drop shadows! merrge your tag. Go to Effects: Photo Effects: Film & Filters: Enhanced Red then Custom: Warming Density 10. As always remember you can play around with the filters. 
For the name, i added a drop shadow, then bevel with filter color #ffa4a4 and then enhance edges and duplicated thename layer. Merge visible again
Add your license info, copy write and save as PNG!

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