October 5, 2014

Fall Dusk - CT PTU Tut - Colors of Autumn by Karra's Kreative Korner

I used PSP X6 to create my tag but any other version will work

Scrapkit is "The Colors of Autumn". A beautiful new kit by Karra's Kreative Korner available HERE and HERE

Tube is a lovely one by Alex Prihodko. You need a license to use his work and you can get both HERE

Mask is one that I made for a challenge at Pimpin PSPer's Forum

FTU Font Rainy Wind

Xero Radiance

Open New Image 700 x 700
C/P your tube of choice onto your canvas
EL Frame 4 resize to 90 C/P and place behind your tube
Magic Wand click inside your frame - Selections Modify Expand by 5 - C/P paper 1 - Selections Invert Delete Deselect
EL Ground  C/P and place underneath your tube
Add a drop shadow to your tube. El Basket resize to 
30, C/P and place at the bottom middle of your tube
EL Apples resize to 20 Rotate Left, C/P and place right by the rim of your basket. 
(We want to make  it look like the apples are in the basket)
Take your eraser tool, Round 5 and start erasing the bottom part of the apples until you see the rim of the Basket
It helps if you magnify the image, i do about 300 percent!
EL Deco 2 resize to 30, we are doing the same steps as we did with the apples!
EL Flower 2 again we follow the sames steps as above!
EL Pumpkin resize to 20 C/P and place to bottom by basket.
El Rabbit resize to 30 and place to the right by Basket. El Floral Arrangement resize to 30 C/P and place towards bottom
El Bench resize to 70 C/P and place to the left behind tube
EL Deco 3 resize to 20 C/P and place on top of bench add drop shadow.
El Flower 1 resize to 10 C/P and place by El Deco 3. Duplicate the flower layer 2 more times and scater those to the bottom. El umbrella resize to 40 C/P and place by Bench.
El Mushroom resize to 20 C/P and place wherever you my like. I duplicated this layer twice to scatter them around.

Lets dress up the inside of your frame!
EL Plant 2 resize to 40 C/P and place to the right inside frame, Duplicate this layer Flip Horizontal and place that layer to the right
EL Wind resize to 30 C/P and place inside your frame on top
Magic Wand click inside frame, take EL Tree 1 - C/P and place towards back behind Plant
Selections Invert Delete
Make sure your Wind is in front of the tree
El Sun resize to 70 C/P and place right behind the tree
Last EL Fawn resize to 50 C/P and place behind Plant
I used Flowers 1 and 3 and placed towards the back of my frame
If you are happy with your tag great!

Merge Visible, Crop if Needed
I added some Xero Radiance
Add your mask, Name CR and License
Your done!
Thank you for looking!

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