October 20, 2014

In Love - CT PTU Tut - Love At Midnight - Serenity Designs

I used PSP X6 to create this tag but any other version will work!

Scrapkit is a cute one from Serenity Designs "Love at Midnight"  available HERE. Kit also includes an adorable Cookie Poser from Krissy's Imaging.
Tubes is by the awesome Elias Chatzoudis. You need a license to use his art  and you can get both HERE

FTU Font Passions Conflict

DSX Xero Procelain
Cybia Screen Works - Light Gauze

Mask is by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs


Open New Image 700 x 700
C/P your tube of choice onto your canvas. EL 28 Frames C/P and place behind your tube. Magic Wand, click inside frame C/P Paper 5 Selections - Invert - Delete - Deselect. EL 48 C/P and place to the top right of the frame.  EL 61 Heart Frame resize to 95 Rotate Left 15 C/P and place to the left hand side in front of frame. Magic Wand, click inside Heart Frame Selections -Expand by 5 - New Layer. I made a gradient using the color of  EL 29 Rose with these settings

Flood Fill twice.  Take a closeup of your tube C/P behind the Heart Frame HIT DELETE. Deselect.
On your closeup tube layer DUPLICATE. On your copy tube layer Blur - Gaussian Blue 6 - Properties SCREEN
On your Original tube layer -  Properties Luminance - Opacity 44.
Effects - Cybia Screenworks - Light Gauze
EL 79 and 29 resize to 40 C/P and place to the bottom right
EL 79 Duplicate flip horizontal and place to the left
EL 45 resize to 40 Free Rotate Left 15 C/P and place down by your tube. EL 23 resize 40 free rotate 15 right C/P and place to the right behind tube. EL 62 resize to 80 free rotate  and place to the far right. EL 33 resize to 30 C/P and place to the left behind tube. El 15 and 20 resize to 20 C/P and place accordingly at the bottom. EL 19 Doodle C/P and place behind your frames to the top right Duplicate layer flip vertical and place to the bottom left. EL 24 star resize to 30 C/P, duplicate layer as you wish I did it 3 times and scattered them at the bottom.
EL 11 resize to 30 C/P and place behind your elements in front of frame to the bottom. El 7 resize to 70 C/P and place to the top right
once your are done go back to your  main tube layer Duplicate
Blur - Gaussian 3.0 - Properties Hardlight - Opacity 53

Merge Visible
Add your mask, Name, License and Copy Write Info
Save as PNG
Thank you for looking!
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