October 12, 2014

Star - CT PTU Tut - Black Swan by Megan's Creative Designs

I used PSP X6 to create this tag any other version will work

Scrapkit is by Megan's Creative Design and Things. Kit can be found at Pimpin PSPer's Warehouse HERE

Beautiful tube by Vm available for purchase HERE. You need a license to use her art!

Mask is by Millie's PSP Madness HERE

FTU Font Sverige

Eye Candy 4 - HSB Noise
DSB Flux - Bright Noise
Photo Effects - Vivid


Open New Image 700 x 700, C/P your tube of choice onto the center of your canvas
El 1 and 2 Hearts I resized them bigger to 150. Image Rotate Left 15 for one and Image Rotate Right 15 for the other. C/P and place them both behind your tube
Take your Preset Tool 
Background: Null Foreground Black and draw out an Eclipse. Convert to Raster name is Circle and place behind your tube and hearts. Working with your Eclipse. Go to Selections -Float - Defloat - New Layer - Selections Border - Both Sides Anti-Alias Checked 3. Click ok
Flood Fill your with #f4c3c3, Deselect, Name that layer Border
Working with your new Border - Go to Effects Eye Candy 4 HSB Noise Smooth Lumps. Click ok.
Effects - DSB Flux - Bright Noise - Darker 47 Click ok.
Go back to Circle - Selections - Float - Defloat - New Layer
Paper 1 C/P  Selections - Invert - Delete
Take your closeup, C.P hit Delete Deselect.Working with your closeup tube layer DUPLICATE - On your Copy layer Adjust Gaussian Blur 6 Properties Screen.
El 43 resize to 60 C/P and place to the top right of Circle. El 31 resize to 30 C/P andp lace to bottom left behind tube. EL 42 resize to 40 C/P and place under Border layer erase anything showing over border. El 41 resize to 60 Adjust Sharpen C/P and place to the middle left. EL 55 resize to 60 C/P and place behind pink heart to the top. Duplicated this layer flip horizontal C/P and place on the right behind tube. I resized EL 55 again smaller C/P and place to the left bottom in front of tube Duplicate this layer and place to the left bottom. El 32 resize to 30 C/P andplace to the bottom right El 18 resize to 60 C/P and place behind rose on the bottom right. El 14 resize to 30 C/P and plce to bottom middle in front of tube. El 25 C/P and place to the bottom underneath your elements and tube
Add your drop shadows!
Going back to my Original Tube layer - Photo Effects - Film and Filters - Vivid - Filter Color #f2dec8 Density 5 click OK.

If you happy with your tag great. 

Add your Mask, Name, License and Copy Write info Crop if needed!
Lets Merge Visible!
Save as PNG

Thanks for looking!

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