June 21, 2015

Siren's Call - FTU Tut - Raspberry Road

I am using a beautiful freebie kit and clusters from Raspberry Road

Using the beautiful work of Nocturne. You need a license to use her art and you can get both HERE

Mask is by Millie's PSP Madness
Mask # 42

FTU Font Always Beside You

No outside filters used.

Don not forget your drops shadows!

Open new Image 700 x 700, you can crop once you are finished. 
C/P tube of choice onto canvas. Open up Cluster Frame #5, you will resize it smaller a few times till you get it where you like it c/p and place behind tube. Take  Cluster Frame #4 resize smaller c/p and place towards top left behind 1st cluster frame. Magic Wand, click inside 1st Cluster frame expand by 10. Take El 19, p
Postcard, resize to 80 then resize again to 70. C/P  behind 1st frame, selections, invert, delete. El 3 c/p and place underneath tube and other elements. El 10 Net resize 48 then 70, c/p and place behind tube, towards left corner of Frame. Duplicate this layer on copy, Properties: Burn. El 11 Sand resize to 76, then to 40 C/P and place underneath El 3. El 6 Flower resize to 20 c/p and place towards bottom right of tube, duplicate this layer twice and scatter them as you wish, or you can see my tag for reference. El 4 Shell resize to 88 then to 10 c/p and place towards bottom far right behind tube, go back to El 4 Free Rotate Left 15 c.p and place to the far left behind frame. Take Cluster Frame #1, resize to 41 then 41 again c/p and place to the far right behind tube. Erase the frame part if it is showing. Take Cluster Frame #2. resize to 23 then to 40, enhance edges, c/p and place to wards left inside of tube, erase any of the silver frame that showing. Go back to Cluster Frame #4, resize to 60 flip horizontal, , c/p and place behind your tube but you dont want the frame showing just the bubbles, I placed one layer of this el in the middle behind tube, duplicate and place towards far right behind tube. Last El 13, resize to 30 c/p and place towards top left. Merge Visible. Duplicate tag. On copy Adjust: Guassian Blur 6.0. Properties Overlay. Lower Opacity to 60. I used Paper 2 for my mask, duplicated my mask 3 times, merge down mask layers. 
If you are happy with your tag great!
Add your name, cr and license info.
Save as PNG
Thanks for looking!
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