August 9, 2014

Angel Blues - CT PTU Tut - Victorian Blue by Redefined Designs by Pamela

I used PSP x4 but any other program will work
Scrapkit is by Redefined Designs by Pamela available 
I am using the fabulous art of Pinup Toons available HERE
Eye Candy 4 - Glass and Gradient Glow
Xero Procelain
I used a mask by Dee available HERE
Here we go!!
Open new image 700 x 700
C/P your tube of choice
Frame 1 resize to 80
C/P behind your tube to the right
Effect-Eye Candy 7 - Glass
Click ok once you get the settings to where u like it!
Still working on the frame, take your Magic Wand, click inside circle
Selections-Modify-Expand 6
Take Paper 9
C/P behind your frame
take your tube, I used 3 tubes by Pinup Toons, 
C/P and place inside Frame
Still on your tube layer
On your copy later 
Properties-Blend Mode-Hue
On your original tube layer
Properties-Blend Mode-Hardlight
**Remember you can always change these blends**
Now you can add any elements you would like

I used 
Flower 2
Blue Tree

Flower 2 resize to 80
C/P behind your tube(s) in front of frame
Resize Flower 2 again
C/P, Duplicate this layer and place them as you would like
I did one for each side of the frame
Resize Lantern
C/P to the top left of your frame
Resize Moon
C/P  and place on top by your Frame
resize Blue Tree
take your eraser tool and erase the pole
C/P and place to the the bottom right 
Duplicate this layer and place  to left
resize Cage, Violin, Canister
C/P to the bottom right
Resize Butterfly
C/P and duplicate twice and scatter them as you would like
Now your main tube(s)
go to
Effects-Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow
I changed the glow color to a light blue
Click ok
Add a drop Shadow
I did the same with my second main tube
Duplicate each of your main tube layers
Go to 
Properties_Blend Mode-Soft Light
If you are happy with your tag
Merge Visible
Add your mask!
Crop if needed!
Add your Copy Write, License and Name
Save as PNG!
Thank you for trying my tut!
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