August 17, 2014

Angelic - CT PTU Tut - Heaven Scent by Kissing Kate

I used PSP X4 but any other version will work


A lovely kit by Kissing Kate "Heaven Scent" . Check out her Blog 


I am using a beautiful tube by Trinita available 

EC 4 - Gradient Glow
Xero - Radiance
Penta - Dots
Photo Effects

FTU Sverige

Rocked by Rachel 

Here We Go!
Open Image 700 x 700
C/P your tube of choice onto center of your canvas
EL 14 resize to 105 
C/P to the background
EL Frame 1 resize to 70
Image Free Rotate 15.0 Left
C/P in front of EL 14 to the right
Magic Wand click inside Frame
New Layer
Expand by 6 
Choose two colors from your tube
I chose the RED and Yellow
Make a gradient 
Flood Fill inside your frame
Now take and C/P your closeup of the tube
Invert None
Duplicate close up tube layer
On your copy 
Adjust-Blur-Gaussian 6
On your original close up
Lower Opacity as you like
EL 25 resize to 80 
C/P to the right behind your tube
EL 50 resize to 50
Flip Horizontal and place behind your tube to the right
EL 49 resize to 70
C/P behind up  behind your tube to the right
Duplicate this layer
Flip Horizontal and place to the left
EL 70 resize to 30
C/P to the bottom left
EL 80 resize to 70
C/P in the background to the bottom
EL 20 resize to 30
C/P and place to the right
EL 19 resize to resize to 40
C/P and place to the left
Duplicate this layer
and place to the right
EL 18 resize to 60
C/P tot her bottom in from of your main tube
Take same element resize to 30
C/P to the middle bottom of your main tube 
EL 15 resize to 10
C/P to the bottom
EL 23 Sparkles resize to 80
C/P and place on top over Frame EL
If you are happy with your creation
Merge Visible
I added a blast of Radiance
Add your mask -  I used paper 7 for mine and I also duplicated my mask twice
Add your Name, Copywrite, License
Save as PNG
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