August 17, 2014

Beautiful Dreamer - Mystical Garden by Drea's Creations

I used PSP X4 but any other version will work

Scrap Kit
A gorgeous Fantasy Scrap kit by Drea's Creations "Mystical Garden"
Available HERE

I am using the gorgeous work of Kurama Phoenix available


Animation Shop

Latern Animation
You can get that at Scrappy Bit Of Fun

Here we go!

Open new image 700 x 700

C/P your tube of choice onto the center of your canvas

Take EL 128 (Flower Frame) resize to 80
C/P  and place behind your tube
Take your Magic Wand
click inside frame
Selections-Modify-Expand 6
Take your paper of choice I am using Paper 10
C/P behind your frame
EL 15 resize to 50
C/P and place behind Frame

EL 126  Leaf Frame resize to 80
C/P and place behind Flower Frame

EL 97 resize to 50 
C/P at the bottom

EL 117 resize to 30
C/P and place to the right bottom
Duplicate this layer
Flip Horizontal and place on left side bottom

EL 4 resize to 50
C/P and place behind EL 97

EL 96 resize to 30
C/P on the right side of Gate (EL 4)
Duplicate this layer and place to the right of Gate

EL 18 resize to 20 
C/P to the bottom

El 16 rersize to 30 
C/P to the bottom

EL 13 resize to 10
C/P and place anywhere on your leaf frame
Duplicate this layer and do the same

EL 63 resize to 30
C/P and place at bottom

EL 63 resize to 20 
C/P and place to the right 

You can add other elements if you wish.

If you are happy with it, you can merge visible

Add your mask

Add your Name, CR info and License

Save as PNG

TO ANIMATE (Optional)

Take your magic wand and SELECT the wings only
You want to get as much as the wings as you can

With your wings selected
COPY to Animation Shop

Go to 
Effects-Insert Image Effects-Underwater
With these settings:

Click OK
You will have 17 frames

Go back to PSP
Bring your tag to Animation Shop
Duplicate your tag to 17 Frames

Select All Copy your wings
Select All Paste on to your tag

Save as GIF

Thanks for trying my Tut!

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