August 24, 2014

Soft Autumn Breeze - CT PTU TUT - Autumn's Palette by Karra's Kreative Korner



A beautiful and soft scrap kit by Karra's Kreative Korner named
Autumns's Palette
Available HERE and HERE
Gorgeous Art is an Exclusive from Alehandra Vanhek available HERE

Beautiful Mask is by Dee from her Fall collection from last year
Available HERE

No outside filters

FTU Font is Sverige Script


Open new image 700 x 700
C/P  your tube of choice onto the center of your canvas
Take Frame 4, no resizing needed
C/P and place behind your frame
Take your Magic Wand
Click inside Frame
Selections-Expand-Modify by 5
Take Paper 9
C/P behind frame
Take EL Tree, no resizing
take your eraser tool, erase part of the branch
C/P and place to the left bottom behind frame
Duplicate this layer
Flip Horizontal and place to the right bottom of frame
I duplicated both tree layers to make it darker
Duplicate the Tree layers on both sides and move those up behind frame
(see tag for reference)
EL Ribbon 1 resize to 90
C/P and place to the bottom of your frame in front of your tube
Take your eraser tool and erase any excess of the tube
Take EL Plant 1 resize to 90
C/P right behind  ribbon to the left
Duplicate this layer, flip horizontal and place to other side of behind ribbon
The following Elements I used to place at the bottom in front of Ribbon
Flower 1
Flower 4
Paint brushes
Pine cone
Leaves 5
You can scatter these elements as you wish or use my tag for reference
El Grass resize to 50
C/P and place behind your tube to the right
EL Leaves 6 resize to 90
C/P and place right behind your tube
Same EL resize by 80
C/P in front of your towards bottom
EL Wind resize to 70
C/P and place in front of tube
Take eraser tool and erase any sparkles on her face

EL Leaves 3 resize to 90
C/P and place right behind your frame to the left
Duplicate this layer and place that layer to the right 
If you are happy with your tag
Merge Visible
Crop if needed
Add your mask
Name, Copy Write
Duplicate your tag
On your COPY layer
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blue 6.0
Properties - Blend Mode - Hardlight
Lower Opacity to 60
and Save as PNG!

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