July 17, 2015

A Slice of Summer - CT PTU Tut - Coconut Cocktail by Pink Paradox Productions

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag.

Using a fabulous fun filled scrapkit by Pink Paradox Productions named  Coconut Cocktail. It is available HERE for purchase. 

Fabulous art by Ismael Rac. You need a license to use his art and you can get both HERE.

Font is FTU Feena Casual

Mask is number 109 by Millie HERE

No out side filters used.
Do not forget your drop shadows


Open new image 700 x 700. I resized my tube by 35 c/p onto canvas. El 80 Sand  resize by 60 c/p and place underneath tube. El 37 Towel resize by 60 c/p and place to the bottom left. El 36 Towels/Tube resize by 35 c/p and place by El 37. El 74 Water resize by 70 c/p and place behind El 80
El 81 Grass  resize to 50 c/p and place over EL 80 Sand. El 39 Boat resize by 30 c/p and place behind tube towards right. El 115 Tree resize by 60 c.p and place towards right of tube. El 77 Sun resize by 30 c/p and place towards left behind El 115. El 97 Flowers resize by 20 c/p and place towards bottom of Tree. El 109 Purple Grass resize by 20 c/p and place by El 97 Flowers, duplicate El 109 and place behind Towel. El 23 Drink resize by 25 c/p and place towards bottom left by tube. El 20 resize by 15 c/p and place by Drink El 117 Gold Scatter resize by 50 c/p and place towards bottom. Add your drop shadows. Merge Visible. Add your Mask  I used Paper 28. Before doing your final merge, duplicate tag go to Properties Overlay lower opacity to 59. On your Mask layer duplicate go to Properties - Burn lower opacity to 50. Now do your Merge. Add your name, cr and license info!. 
Save as PNG!.
thanks for looking!

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