July 18, 2015

**STAR** - CT PTU - Bad Girl Glamour - Pink Paradox Productions

I am using PSP X6 to create this tag.

Scrapkit is a gorgeous new one by Pink Paradox Productions named Bad Girl Glamour - HERE

Fabulous art by Keith Garvey - HERE

Mask is #10 by me - HERE

FTU Font Sick Vice Capital

Xero - Soft Vignette
Photo Effects

Dont Forget Your Drop Shadows

Here We Go!

Open new image 700 x 700. Resized my tube by 80 c/p onto canvas. El 12 c/p and place underneath tube, add a drop shadow. El 102 resize by 30 c/p and place to the bottom right by tube. El 95 resize by 20 c/p and place by El 102. El 105 Filmstrip resize by 45 c/p and place towards back of tube slighty to the left. Working with the Filmstrip, take magic wand, click inside the large squares, expand by 1. C/P Paper 11 , selections, invert delete, deselect. NOW working with individual squares, click with magic wand on 1st Square, c/p your tube close up, selections invert delete, deselect. Do this step for each square. Merge down the clope up layers. Duplicate. On Copy, go to Adjust - Gaussian Blur 6.0  Then go to Properties - Screen. On Original layer go to Properties - Luminance, lower Opacity to 60 then do Enhance Edges. Go to Effects - ero - Soft Vignette
Horizontal - Invert - Backgound Color - Diagonal Mesh
6, -31, 33, 206
El 132 and 133 resize by 50, c.p place 133 to the far right, El 132 flip horizontal and place behind tube to the left. El 106, resize by 20, free rotate left 15 c/p and place towards bottom left. El 169 resize by 20 c/p and place top the bottom left, duplicate this  layer and twice,  place one layer towards middle of tube, the next to the far right.  El 116 resize by 50 free rotate right 10 c/p and place in between tube to the right. El 152 resize by 10 c/p and place to the my tube's shoe, duplicate this layer and place to the other side by tube's shoe. El 81 c/p and place by El 152. El 137 resize by 25 c/p and place to the middle behind El 169
Frame 4 resize by 50 c/p andplace towards back, add Paper 15 to this frame. El 143 resize by 50 c/p and place in Frame. El 177 resize by 50 c/p and place in front of El 143. El 109 resize by 30 c/p and place tube's left hand  
I f you are happy with your tag great. You can add your drop shadows. I added some accents to mine like the musical notes and sparkles. 
Add your Mask, I used Paper 18 for mine. 
Merge Visible
GO to Effects - Photo Effects - Film and Filters
Filter Color #780b1a
Density 10
Add your name, CR and license info
Save as PNG
Thanks for looking!
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