July 11, 2015

Wild Heart - CT PTU Tut - Summer Gypsy by Pink Paradox Productions

I amusing a gorgeou newkit by Pink Paradox Productions named "Summer Gypsy" available HERE. Its on sale at 30% off, so don't miss out!

Beautiful art by Vika. You need a license to use her art and you can get that HERE

Mask is number 117 by Chelle HERE

Xero - Bad Dream
DSB Flux Bright Noise for name

FTU Font Qaskin Black PU

Don't forget your drop shadows

Open new image 700 x 700, resize tube to 30 c/p and place a little towards left of canvas. Do your Mask, I am using Paper 44 resize by 70, duplicate your mask, merge down Mask layers. El Frame 9 resize to 60 c/p place behind your tube.  El 100 Grass, resize by 60 c/p and place underneath tube. Duplicate this layer  and move onelayer behind Frame. El 38 Basket resize by 25 c/p and place to the right by tube. El 3 Horse resize by 30 c/p, flip horizontal and place towards right inside Frame. El 156 Tree resize by 30 c/p and place to the far right behind Horse. El 97 resize to 30 c/p and place towards middle behind Tree layer Duplicate the layer, flip horizontal and place slight more up than 1st Tree layer. Erase anything showing outside Frame. El 132 flower scatter.  resize to 40 c/p and place to the left side of Frame behind tube. El 134 Flower resize to 40 Rotate right, flip horizontal c/p and place to wards middle  left side of Frame behind El 132. El 16 Cameo Brooch resize to 20 rotate left 15 c/p and place to left bottom right by tube. El 22 Flask resize to 20 c/p and place by basket. El 41 Book resize to 20 c/p and place by Flask. El 4 Rabbit resize to 20 c/p abd place by Book.  El 47 Guitar resize by 40 c/p and place behind tube towards left. El 104 Pink Flower resize by 10 c/p and place between Basket and Flask, duplicate the layer and place towards bottom far left. El 101 Lights resize to 30 c/p and place to top center of Frame. El 135 resize by 30 c/p andplace to far right of Frame. Now, make sure your Frame layer is selected, magic wand click inside frame expand by 6, now go to Mask Layer, go to Effects Xero Bad Dream with these settings:
Softness: 246
Strength: 173
Color: Green
click ok and deselect. 
Merge your tag, Duplicate gaussian blur on copy and properties Overlay. Lower opacity to 44.
Add your name, CR and license info
Save as PNG!
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