July 13, 2014

"A Lil Goth" - CT PTU Tutorial - Mellie Beans

A Lil Goth

Or any other version will work!

Awesome kit "A Lil Goth" by Mellie Beans, This kit is jammed packed with wonderful elements and no duplicates, gives you more to play around with!

Tubes of Choice ( you will need a tube that has a Close-up)
A fabulous tube by Ismael Rac "Goth" and "GothicDoll"

Mask of Choice

Filters of Choice
Xero Porcelain

Font of Choice
Deutsch Gothic

Add your drop shadows as you go!

Here We Go!
Open New Image 700 x 700
You can crop once your are done!
I am using 2 tubes, but you can use one only if you would like...Just make sure you have a closeup of your tube choice
Take your tube of choice
re-size to 90, copy & paste onto your canvas
Take Frame 1, re-size to 80
copy & paste right behind your tube
Take your magic wand, click inside frame
Selections-Modify-Expand by 5
Take your closeup 
copy & paste behind your frame, position to your liking
Take your closeup again 
copy & paste, position to you liking
Selections None
**make sure your closeup tube layers are behind your Frame 1**
Go to Layers Palette and Merge Down
your closeup layers
I took 2 colors from my tube to make a gradient
You can also use Texture, or use one of the papers from the kit
Make it your own!
Go back to your Frame, Magic Wand, click inside frame
Selections-Modify-Expand by 5
Layers-New Raster Layer
Floodfill with your choice
Again, make sure this later is behind Frame and tube layers!
Lets play around with those Filters/Blends!
Go to you Layers Palette, find your closeup tube layer
Right Click-Duplicate
Still on this later
Go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-6.0
Layers Palette-Properties
Blend Mode Screen
On my original closeup tube layer
Blend-Mode Luminance
Opacity 46
You can always play around with your blends till you get it to where u want!
Now lets add those elements. This kit has so many beautiful ones I wish I can use them all!
Take Element 3, re-size to 30 copy & paste right in bottom of tube
Take Element 2 Re-size to 60
Adjust - Sharpen More
copy and paste right behind Frame only
Taking your Eraser Tool you can erase an excess of the Element 
Take Element 10 re-size to 50
copy & paste  and place right in the center bottom of frame behind tube
Take Element 37 re-size to 30
copy & paste, place at the bottom of your tag
Take Element 39 re-size to 30
copy & paste place at bottom of your tag
Take Element 42 Flower, resize it small and just place a few anywhere at the bottom of your tag
Tke Element 40 (ball and chain), re-size to 60 copy & paste to the bottom right of your tag
Go to layers palette duplicate that layer
still on your layers palette move the copy of that layer in front of tube
We want to make t look like the chain is going around her arm
Get your eraser tool and erase some of the chain on her arm
You can see my tag for reference
Take Element 21, re-size to 20
Image-Flop Vertical and place to the right bottom behind tube
Take Element 19, copy & paste on either side of your Frame
Layers Palette, Right Click Duplicate
and place the other later on other side of Frame
You can add more lements if you would like!
 when you are done
Go to your MAIN tube layer
Layers Palette-Right Click-Duclicate
On your copy tube layer
Adjust-Blue-Gaussian Blur 3.0
Back to Layers Palette-Right Click-Prioperties
Blend Mode Hardlight
But you can always play around to find the one that works for you!
Once you are happy with it, Merge Visible
Add your Mask of choice
Once finished a gave my tag a blast of Porclain!
Add your Name, License and Copywrite Info and save your tag as PNG!
Hoped you enjoyed my Tut!
I would love to see anything you make with it
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