July 12, 2014

"Blue Butterfly" - CT PTU Tutorial - Kissing Kate

Blue Butterfly


Any other version will work

A lovely scrapkit by Kissing Kate named Blue Butterfly

I am using the lovely work of  Susan McKirvergan
You need a license to use her work
She was formerly at Up Your Art

Xero Bad Dream, Porcelain

I am using one by Vix
Remember to add your drop shadows!
Here We Go!
Open New Image 700 x 700
Take your tube, I am using the close-up but you can chose, re-size  to 80
copy & paste onto your canvas
Take Frame 2 , re-size to 80
copy & paste behind your tube
Take your Magic Wand, click inside Frame 1, 
Selections-Modify-Expand 6
Take Element 44, make bigger if needed
copy & paste behind your frame
Selections-Invert-Delete-Selections None
Take Frame 1 , Resize to 80 
copy & paste behind Frame Frame 2
Take Element 43. re-size to 50
copy & paste to the left side of Frame 1
Take Element 5 re-size to 90
copy & paste to right side of Frame1
Go to Layers Pallet
Right click-Duplicate on Element 5
Image-Flip Horizontal,
copy & paste and place on other side of  behind frames
Take Element 23, re-size to 60
copy & paste, place the right side behind frame1 in your background
Go to Layers Pallet
Right click-Duplicate on Element 23
Image-Flip Horizontal,
copy & paste and place on other side of  behind frame 1
Take Element 3, re-size to 30
copy & paste and place on right side of Frame
Now I wanted to make some sort of Ground so I took Element 40, re-sized it and duplicated this layer 2 times so I will have now 3 layers. I placed them right underneath my tube. You can place as you like. Once you are happy with it Go to you layers pallet, and Merge down these 3 layers and add a drop shadow
Take Element 44 re-size to 30
Image - Free Rotate-Left 25 
place at bottom, I duplicated this layer and placed another one up above tube
Take Element 41, re-size by 30, I gave it a little Radiance to make it darker and I placed at bottom left side by fountain
Take Element 36, re-size to 20 and scatter them around as you would like
Take Element 4, resize to 50
Image - Rotate Right 
copy & paste to right in front of your tube
Take Element 13, re-size to 30
copy & paste and place anywhere on your tag
You can place a few of these around your tag if u wish
Take Element 38, re-size to 30
copy & paste and place on the bottom of your tag
Element 14, re-size to 40
copy & paste, place on the bottom to your right
Once you are happy with your creation 
Go to your main tube
Layers Palette-Right CLick-Duplicate
On your copy of tube, 
Adjust-Blur-Guassian Blur 3.0
Now go to
 Effects-Xero-Bad Dream
Go back to layers palette
Properties-Blend Mode-Soft Light
Lower Opacity to 61 or whatever you like
Add you mask if you are using one
Merge Visible
I blasted my tag with some Porcelain
Crop to you liking
**Add your Name, Copywrite and License Info**
Save your creation as PNG
Thank you for trying my tut!
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