July 20, 2014

Summer Haze - CT PTU Tut - Toes in the Sand by Jackie's Jewels

Summer Haze


PSP X4 but any other version will work

A fun and lovely kit by Jackie's Jewels
"Toes in the Sand"

I am using the beautiful work of Verymany available 

Mask 117 by Wee Scotts Lass


Remember your drops shadows!

Here We Go!

Open New Image
700 x 700

Take your tube of choice, resize to your liking
c/p onto your canvas

Add your mask of choice

Layers- New Raster Layer
Go to your Layers Palette and bring the new layer to bottom
Take your magic wand and click on new layer
Take your paper of choice I am using Paper 4
c/p to new layer
Take your mask of choice
Go to 
Layers-New Mask Layer
From Image
pick your mask of choice
Click OK
Merge Group-Selections None-Merge Group

EL Towel 1 c/p and place underneath your tube
Add a slight drop shadow to your tube as well.

EL Sunhat resize to 50
c/p and place next to your tube

EL Cocktail 2 resize to 40
c/p  and place in front of tube bottom

EL Camera resize to 20
c/p and place at the bottom by Cocktail

EL Fence resize to 50
c/p to the left behind towel

EL Palm tree 1 resize to 80
c/p and place behind Fence to the left

EL Sand resize to 80
c/p and place underneath Towel to your liking
Layers Palette-Right Click-Duclicate
Image-Horizontal Flip
and arrange the sand copy as you would like

EL Palms resize to 30
c/p to the left in front of Fence

EL Lantern 2 resize to 30
c/p and place by the tube's feet

EL Umbrella resize to 90
c/p and place right behind your tube
Go to Layers Palette
on your Umbrella Layer
Right Click-Duplicate
On your Copy of Umbrella, bring that layer in front of tube
Take your eraser tool, round 25 and erase the pole in front of your tube
Now it looks like she is under the umbrella :D

EL Sun resize to 50
c/p and place right behind Palm Tree

EL Cloud resize to 30
c/p and place in the background

There are some beautiful shells, flowers and starfish elements with the kit!

I used the following:

EL Starfish 2
EL Flower 1 and 4
EL Shell 3
EL Asst Shells

I resized them small maybe 30 to 20 percent
c/p and scattered them at the bottom

EL Wooden Element resize to 20
c/p to the right behind towel

EL Gull resize to 40
c/p and place to the right of your tag on the wooden element

Now go to your main tube layer
on your layers palette
Right Click -  Duplicate
Stay on your copy layer
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 6.0
Right Click Properties
Blend Mode - Screen-Opacity 55
On your Original tube layer
Go to
Effects - Photo Effects
Films and Filters - Vivid Skin Tones

Remember you can always play around with your blends and filters to your liking!

If you are happy with your tag great!

Lets Merge Visible
Add Name, CR and License Info
Save as PNG!

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