July 19, 2014

"Paris Love" - CT PTU Tutorial - Romantique by Kissing Kate

PSP X4 or any other version will work

Lovely new kit by Kissing Kate named Romantique

The beautiful work of Misticheskaya. You need a license to use her work and you can get that 

PP Hip20s


Don't forget to add your drop shadows!
Here We Go!

Open New Image 700 x 700 
You can crop later when done!
Take your tube of choice, resize to your liking
c/p onto your canvas
Take Frame 1, resize to 70
c/p behind your tube
Take your Magic Wand
Click inside Frame
Expand by 4
Take a paper of choice, I am using Paper 4
c/p behind frame
Take EL 54 Sparkles
c/p onto paper
EL 37 Flower resize to 30
Image-Flip Vertical
c/p to thr bottom right of your frame
Go to Layers Palette
Right Click-Duplicate
Place copy on left side of frame
EL 69 Leaves resize to 40
c/p to bottom left of frame
Take EL 32 Eiffel Tower resize to 70
c/p to the left side in front of frame
Take EL 25 Book resize to 20
c/p and place in front of your tube
I wanted to make it look as if the tube fingers is touching the book.
If you want to do this just grab your eraser tool, round 5
make sure you are on the Book Layer, it also helps to make your image larger.
Now where your tube's finger is, you start erasing little by little downward
until her finger is in full view in front of book
EL 53 Postcards resize to 30
Go to 
Image-Free Rotate-right 10
c/p and place bottom right in front of  Frame
EL 46 Clock resize to 30
Go to 
Image-Free Rotate-Right 10
c/p to the left bottom
EL 68 Musical Note resize to 60
Go to Adjust-Sharpen
c/p right behind EL 46 Clock
EL 66 Bottle resize to 30
c/p  and place at bottom in front of tube
EL 24 Car resize to 40
Image-Horizontal Flip
c/p and place behind EL 53 Postcards
EL 17 Accordian resize 50
c/p and place  to the right bottom behind Car
EL 64 and 71 Flowers, I resized them to 20 
c/p and scatter them at the bottom
EL 57 resize to 50
c/p and place at bottom left
If you are happy and simply love your tag, Merge Visible.
Add your mask of choice
Layers- New Raster Layer
Go to your Layers Palette and bring the new layer to bottom
Take your magic wand and click on new layer
Take your paper of choice I am using Paper 9
c/p to new layer
Take your mask of choice
Go to 
Layers-New Mask Layer
From Image
Take your mask of choice
Click OK
Merge Group-Selections None-Merge Visible
I blasted my tag with Radiance but as always this is optional :D
Add your Name, Copy write and License Info
Save as PNG!
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