July 19, 2014

Star of India - CT PTU Tutorial - Diwali Wishes - Karra's Kreative Korner

Star of India
Program of Choice
PSP X4 but any other version will work fine!
A Stunningly Beautiful kit by Karra's Kreative Korner "Diwali Wishes"
Available for Purchase HERE and HERE
Tube of Choice
I am using the beautiful Viviaan by Zlata_m
Font of Choice
Mask of Choice
I am using one by Dee from her Floral Masks
C/P - copy and paste
EL - Element
Here We Go!
Remember to add your drop shadows as you go!
New Image 700 x 700
C/P your tube of choice onto your canvas
Take EL Frame 4, resize to 95
c/p behind your tube
Take yor magic wand, click inside your frame
Selections-Modify-Expand by 4
Take your choice of paper I am using Paper 8
c/p  behind frame
Take EL India Skyline
c/p  behind frame
place at the middle of frame
Take EL Sand
c/p inside frame, in front of skyline towards bottom
Take EL Bead Curtain
c/p behind frame towards top
Now for the elements! This  kit has some beautiful elements I wish I can use them all!
EL Box and EL Candles - resize to your liking 
c/p at bottom right  behind tube
EL Pillows - re-size to 70
c/p and place behind tube
EL Wicker basket, resize to 20 
c/p on left side of your tube
EL Vase, resize to 20
c/p behind Wicker Basket
EL Sun - resize to 80 
c/p onto your background
EL Leaves 3 resize to 40 and you can scatter these as you would like on your tag or like I did
c/p on on each side of behind your elements
EL Flower 3 and Flower 1 resize to 10 and these also you can cp and scatter them as you want!
EL Dishes, resize to 10 
c/p to the bottom in front of your tube
EL Rice, resize to 30
c/p to the bottom
EL Hanging Deco resize to 50
c/p to left side of frame
Go to Layers Palette, right click Duplicate
Image-Horizontal and place on right side of frame
EL Cranes resize to 50 
c/p in front of tube
EL Bow 3 resize to 20
c/p at bottom in front of EL Dishes
I added some EL Sparkles 1 , resize to 80
c/p to background and also EL Palm Tree
resize to 70
c/p to background, resized that same elements smaller 
c/p to background also.
Merge Visible
Add your mask of choice
Layers- New Raster Layer
Go to your Layers Palette and bring the new layer to bottom
Take your magic wand and click on new layer
Take your paper of choice I am using Paper 14
Might have to resize a little larger
c/p to new layer
Take your mask of choice
Go to 
Layers-New Mask Layer
From Image
Take your mask of choice
Click OK
Merge Group-Selections None
I like  my masks to stand out so I duplicated the mask, Merged Down duplicated it, flip horizontal, but that is my choice. You can do it whichever way you like :D
I blasted it with some Porcelain and Radiance, but as always you can play around with these filters to get it where you want!
Dont forget to add your copywrite and license info and name!
Save as PNG
Thank you for trying my TUT!
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